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We will take care of everything for you from beginning to end. Design, Engineering, Microgeneration application, City Permits, Efficiency Alberta application you just need to accept the money transfer from the government.

1. We are local. That means short response times, and the assurance that your provider feels locally accountable.

2. Is Solar good in Alberta? Absolutely, Alberta has some of the best solar resources, and your system will produce as planned.

3. Is Solar expensive? With the Alberta government credits taking a big junk of the costs, up to 30%!!! and with affordable payment plans, all sizes of systems are in reach!!

4. Can I finance my solar install? Yes, absolutely you can, Contact me via email or phone and we will be happy to assist you with financing. Enjoy the benefits of solar, and an asset on your home without the big upfront costs, PLUS your system starts saving you money on your electric bill right away which you can pay some of low the monthly payment with!!! If you already have a budget in mind, we will design the system to it. You may click on the below link and apply for the amount you wish or you can leave the field blank and still apply. Systems will range from $5000.00 to $23000.00 depending on how much energy you wish to save.

5. Does my roof need to be new? No not necessarily. But these systems last 30+ YRS, so newer is better. The cost of taking a system down then re-installing after you re-roof, can be upwards of 25% of the original installation.

6. How much is a Site Analysis and what is it? The cost of the Site Analysis if FREE. A Site Analysis is basically us determining if a solar system is a good fit for your roof based on several different factors. Some factors include: which way is your roof facing; the age of your roof, the angle of your roof, etc. Once everything is taken into account and it is determined that your property would be a good fit for solar, we will start generating production reports and costs. We will do this until you are happy with production expectations and installation costs.

7. What side of my roof is it best to install my solar panels? The most productive side of your roof to install solar panels, is the side facing South, or South West. However, the panels can be installed facing other directions, depending on design.

8. These systems are rugged, and for the most part maintenance-free. However, if any problems with your solar system developed, we could log-on to the system to trouble-shoot, then attend at your residence to rectify the issue, typically within hours, not days or weeks, which you may have to wait had you utilized the services of out-of-town providers.

9. Would you like a system for your Cabin? Ice Shack? RV Lot? Send us a MSG and we will get you a system designed and ready for you to install.

10.Please ask as many questions as you need.It is important that you understand exactly what you are getting and what to expect in the end.

CSA Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certified

We are Members of Solar Energy Society of Alberta