Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that I am asked.

1.Financing What can be financed and why did you go through the trouble to offer it?

Pretty much any electrical job that you would like completed that’s over $1000.00 I decided to offer it because I see no reason why people should have to wait. Some are trying to sell their homes and would like to spruce it up with a lighting upgrade. Others may want a garage hooked up, insurance may say to upgrade the service etc. How much is required depends obviously. When applying leave the amount blank, you will be approved for the maximum amount ($60,000.00 is the upper limit) based on credit rating. (Good or Bad is accepted) you only settle the loan amount for the invoice total. Example Someone applies and gets approved for $25,000.00 at the end of the job the total was $3000.00. You only finance the $3000.00 in the end.

2. How much to is it hook up my mobile home to power?

• This varies slightly from $1500.00 to $1991.00 on the high end, assuming that power has been brought to the home from the curb.

3. How much is it to wire my house?

• This is always a tough one to answer. Some people like to quote by the “HOLE” meaning count up your receptacles and switches and multiply by a dollar amount. For eg., $35.00/ per outlet, and the lighting and bigger loads use a different multiplier.

• Others will use a square foot rate. This means, count up your FINISHED floor area and multiply, for eg., by $6.00.

• Some will do a complete material takeoff and then add in the labour. (This is my preferred method).

So what’s the answer? It depends on what you want in it. Your best bet is to send in your drawings for a quote.

4. How long does it take to wire my house?

• As an example, it may take 50 working hours to complete the “rough in” and be ready for inspection on a typical 1500 SQ/FT Bungalow. Following the rough in, it may take about 15 hours additionally for the finishing.

5. Is the left-over material mine?

• Yes, it is. If you would like to keep it, we will leave it behind. If you have no need for it, we can remove it.

6. Do you do Home Automation?

• Not yet. We are working towards certification in this.


We had a large portfolio of approximately a decade of work, but this burned in the Fort McMurray fire.
We were fortunate to be sent the pictures below, from one of our previous builders.